Jay Tamang was born in a remote village in Northern Nepal, notably one of the most beautiful places in the world.
At age fifteen, he moved from his remote village to Kathmandu and started his career as a trekking guide and was eventually promoted to a trekking guide and tour organizer. He had organized trekking and tours in various parts of Nepal. While he was a trekking guide he trekked down through the deep gorges mountains as well as climbed to higher elevations, as high as 19,000 ft. to the top of the Himalayas.

Jay was driven by the awesome power of nature, connecting him to The Himalayan Mountains, and trekking into the deep valleys that became an integral part of his life.  Although Jay's passion has always been trekking in the Himalayas, he now is able to devote a significant portion of his time to photography while also honing his social skills to help the children of his village and surrounding villages. In 2009 he founded NEPAL FREED (Foundation for Rural Educational and Economic Development.) Since then, Jay has raised enough money and built two schools (a high school and elementary school. Now it serves nearly 450 students daily. He also provides books, sports equipments and supplies to the schools that he rebuilt. This has enabled him to give hope for a better future to the children whom he left behind, but never forgot.


Now a well established member of the Mill Valley Community, Jay Tamang has started his own company providing the best service possible in making your trip hassle-free. With his sixteen years of experience in organizing trekking and tour trips in Nepal, He believes that he has the unique ability to create full-service, dream trips with the purpose of taking care of all the details every step of the way. Insuring that you take with you memories to last a lifetime.


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